Aureomycine® 3%

Gamme : Family Health
Classe thérapeutique : Topic Antibiotic
Fiche posologique : Fiche RCP :
Dosage :

2 to 3 applications a day.

Emballage : Pack of a 15 g ointment
Actions :

Chlotetracycline is a bacteriostatic antibiotic of the tetracycline family.
Its antibacterial activity is exerted by inhibition of protein synthesis.
Replication, bacterial cell division and therefore the multiplication of bacteria are stopped (this is bacteriostasis).
Bacteriostasis is therefore the slowing down of bacterial growth, which may go as far as stopping this growth when this bacteriostasis is maximal.
The natural defense of the body can then intervene more easily to eliminate this focus.

Composition :

Chlortetracycline hydrochloride 3g
Excipients: liquid paraffin, wool fat, petrolatum for 100g

Indications :

It is indicated to treat certain skin infections with sensitive germs.