Physiological Serum® (Pack of 20 or 40)

Gamme : Family Health
Classe thérapeutique :
Fiche posologique : Fiche RCP :
Dosage :

Physiological Serum can be used as often as needed, without risk over long periods.

In the case of treatment with nasal or ocular administration, physiological saline should be used before application and not after.

Emballage : Pack of 20 or 40 single doses of 5 ml
Actions :

- Nasal use : The physiological serum facilitates the cleaning of the nose of very small children often obstructed by mucus.

It promotes the elimination of excessive secretions. Thanks to its moistening action, it quickly relieves nasal dryness in adults.

- Eye use : The physiological serum may be used for eye hygiene in infants by instillation or application of soaked compresses or cottons.

Physiological serum can also be used for eye hygiene in children and adults by washing, instillation, eye baths or application of compresses or cotton soaked

Composition :

Sodium Chloride 0.9g.
Purified water qs 100ml.

Indications :

INDICATIONS In infants, children and adults:
- Daily nasal cavity and eye washes
- Ear rinsing
- Wound washing
- Inhalation solvent